Cooking real mini food in an Easy Bake Toy Oven

(Every food featured on this page was made in a toy oven)

The toy oven. A favorite toy for decades for many. If you were lucky you were given a toy oven when you were little. However, what do you do when the refill packets run out?  They can be expensive and the results, sometimes, not as expected. Did you know that you can cook real mini food in your vintage toy oven? Whether it's a vintage metal electric oven, or an Easy Bake model, no pre made mixes are needed! Let me tell you how I did it, and the cook book I wrote to help you do it too.

I suppose I'm just a kid at heart. I think toy ovens are cool. VERY COOL in fact. I'm intrigued that a light bulb can cook food, and yet it does. I initially doubted that a toy could cook anything besides little cakes. So, I started my toy oven collection with a Holly Hobbie stove to see what the fuss was about. Everyone knows about the cakes you can make. So I started with a cake. I didn't have the refill pack, so I scaled down my recipe. Easy enough. The cake baked in about 12 minutes. It was delicious. I was proud of myself, and could certainly understand how a child can get so excited over baking an actual cake. However, I wanted something more, not just desserts.  I began looking for a toy oven cookbook,  but only found sugary filled recipes meant for Easy Bake oven owners. I wondered if I could do something more. So I started cooking with my little ovens, and showing off my creations to my family. Everyone was surprised that toy ovens could cook so well. Check out some of the foods I've made...


Once I started I couldn't stop. I used a wide variety of toy ovens ranging from 1927 to present. I used vintage electric stoves to cook the bacon and oatmeal. Check out my toy oven collection.  From left to right: Egg, Bacon, Sweet Cornbread.

Mini Meals

The great thing about cooking in a toy oven is that the portions are smaller. Talk about portion control! From left to right: Quesadilla, Pizza, Cheeseburger. Everything came out delicious.

And of course I needed some sweets, so I made a few of my favorite things...


When eating sweets, portion control is most important. Have a small brownie, or a few mini cookies. From left to right: Brownies, Fruit Cobbler, Peanut Butter Cookies. So good!

I cooked a wide range of foods from: ziti, biscuits, bacon, burgers, grilled cheese, pancakes, cobbler, pies, cookies, brownies, chicken cutlet parmigiana, eggs, cornbread, popcorn, pizza, french toast, cheddar corndog muffins, granola bars and more.


Again, I was impressed by the results of the food, especially since the ovens can differ so much in how they deliver the heat. Some ovens use one 60 watt bulb. It may not seem like much, but it will cook food perfectly. Other models take two 100 watt bulbs, even better. The newer models have a heating element. The near antique electric stove models have mini coils. Whether the food was cooked by a light bulb, an old electric coil oven or with an updated heating element, they all cooked well. Surprisingly, I found that the light bulb ovens cooked consistently, even though the wattage of the bulbs varied with different models. When selecting an oven for yourself, you'll be more likely to choose it on what appeals to you most such as color, style, etc. I'm partial to the older models because they are easily accessible for cleaning the inside, which is important, because at some point or another, food will fall down inside of the oven.

When choosing an oven, look for one that has all of it's accessories, and it's original box to store it in. Always inspect your oven for safety and clean it before using. If it uses a light bulb, its better to start off with a fresh one. Bulbs, ovens and accessories can be found online.

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I had so much fun cooking with these ovens that I created my toy oven cook book to share with you exactly how I did it. If your kid likes to cook, I think they'll love my book.
This is only a sampling of the delicious foods I made exclusively with toy ovens. If you'd like to order a copy of my Toy Oven Cookbook, click the image below.
The Lil' Chef's Cookbook includes 40 delicious recipes tailored exclusively for toy ovens. Includes easy step by step instructions, and color pictures for each recipe. Available directly from the Author in 
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Toy Ovens Rock!